Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra Saw Attendance Rise at Summermusik Festival

CCO Saw Attendance Rise at Summermusik Festival This Year
Enquirer | 09.14.17

The Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra concluded its first season under music director Eckart Preu with double-digit increases in attendance and ticket sales.

The other accomplishment was to choose a new concertmaster – or first-chair violinist –from four candidates who auditioned during the August Summermusik festival.

Violinist Celeste Golden Boyer is the new concertmaster, following deliberations by Preu and a committee of musicians at the season’s end. She is also the second associate concertmaster of the Saint Louis Symphony.

“I feel really, really good. It’s always a weird feeling going into a whole month, a festival, after meeting the orchestra just for a couple of rehearsals and a concert a year ago,” said Preu. “I mean, talk about speed dating.”